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8 Google Chrome Extensions For Any Meeting

1. ScribeHow

Extension for screen recording that converts any procedure into a tutorial in seconds.

super handy for: entrepreneurs, educators, founders, and more.

93% less effort should be spent recording and sharing procedures.

2. Writesonic

AI-powered writing assistant lets you rephrase, expand or shorten any text in a click.

One tool for any type of writing.


3. Tella

Bring your work to life with video.

Screen and camera recording for making an impression.

Fully customizable, instantly shareable, all in your browser.


4. Arcade

The easiest way to showcase your products.

Create interactive demos in minutes and embed them on:
• Websites
• Blog post
• Email
• Tweet


5. timeOS

The fastest meeting notes experience ever built.

Instantly take meeting notes and seamlessly sync them to Notion.

See your upcoming meetings and quickly join them.

Never miss a meeting, or have one run over.


6. Screenity

The most powerful screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, annotate, edit, and more.


7. Summari

Summarize long text instantly.

Become a superhuman reader.

Capture the insights from virtually any text in seconds.

Comprehensive, high-quality summaries written by humans + AI.

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